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As more and more people use their mobile devices as their primary means of connecting to the internet, it has naturally followed that the numbers playing at mobile casinos has dramatically increased as well. As a result, the overall experience you get when you play in a mobile casino has improved significantly, both in terms of quality and the number of games you have to choose from. This means that playing on the go, wherever you are and on whatever type of device you have, is becoming the gaming method of choice for an ever-growing number of players.

We feature and review the best mobile casino sites, where you’re guaranteed of getting a first-rate gaming experience.

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How we review mobile casinos

Our mobile casino reviews are designed to tell you about a site’s game quality, the choice and range they offer, and how simple it is to set up and run your account.

Choice and variety are our number one priorities, and so we favour sites that operate on the ‘omni channel’ principle — that is, they have more or less the same number and range of games available at their mobile sites as at their desktop casinos. To help you make a choice, we also include information on the software that powers a mobile casino, and how well their games adapt to the smaller screens of smartphones and tablets in terms of visual effects and sound quality.

Players also want to know how easy it is to set up an account and what banking methods you can use at an online casino, so we include this info in our reviews as well, along with any bonuses that are exclusive to mobile users.

App v Mobile

As more and more casinos offer their games in web-based versions that can be played directly in the browser of any type of device, the overall quality of the mobile gaming experience has improved significantly. Therefore, while previously playing on your phone via an app tended to the best way to go, that situation has changed and it’s now more or less a matter of personal taste, as you can enjoy high-quality gaming either way — app or mobile.

Apps are of course very convenient and offer you one-tap access to a casino’s games and your account, but it can limit you as to which devices you can play on, and it tends to be the case that an app version of a casino site will have far fewer games than you can play on a laptop or PC.

Playing in a web-based mobile casino means you increasingly have a larger choice of games at your disposal, with the added convenience of being able to play on any device, not just those where you have an app loaded. Accessing mobile casino sites is also generally very easy — simple add m. or i. at the beginning of the main URL for a site and you should be redirected (although just using the regular URL will usually get you there too).

The best games for mobile casinos

Although most online casino games adapt well to the smaller screens of smartphones and tablets, slots make the transition especially well. This is because games are designed to automatically detect your screen size, so there is no loss of visual quality or smoothness when it comes to the rotating reels, while the buttons to adjust your coin size, etc., are still easily accessible and functional.

Also, with regard to choice in mobile slots, new release games generally come out in mobile and desktop versions simultaneously now (this wasn’t always the case — you had to wait for the mobile version), so you have as wide a choice in this respect as you do on laptop or PC. All of the big name progressive jackpot slots in the major networks are also available for mobile (several big jackpots have been won in this way), so you won’t miss out on a huge payout when playing on your phone or tablet.

Card, dice and table games are also well-suited to mobile devices, and live casino games are also increasingly available to play in this way. This is because the even games with lots of colour and movement, like roulette and craps, can be successfully reduced in size so that all the action on the table remains clear and unrestricted.

Mobile casino operating systems

While it was once the case that playing on a mobile phone could be a bit ‘clunky’, the processing power of modern hand-held devices, combined with improved HTML5 technology, means that anything but the oldest mobile phone or primitive tablet will be able to run mobile casino games smoothly.

If you’re an iOS or Android device user, you’ll have the most options, as almost all of our recommended casinos have apps designed for these operating systems, in addition to being able to play games directly in your browser. For Windows phone and Blackberry users, you will only have the latter option (although, as discussed above, this is no longer something that wil inhibit game quality).

To play at most mobile casinos in the browser of a hand-held device, prefix the URL with m. or i., although if you use the primary URL you will always be redirected.

Where to download mobile casino apps

For iOS users who want to download an app for iPhone or iPad, iTunes is the most straightforward option. Most casinos with an iOS app will give you a link that takes you straight to the relevant iTunes page, so there is no need to waste time searching.

For Android users, the process is a little different, in that Google Play and the Android Market do not stock gambling apps. Therefore, you will be required to download it directly from the casino. This is usually done by requesting a link be sent to sent to you via email or SMS; click on the link and the app will download. Alternatively, some sites give you a QR code to scan, and once you do this the app will automatically install. Android users also need to be aware that you will have to adjust your settings to allow apps to be installed from third-party suppliers.

Bottom Line

Mobile gaming is increasingly where it’s at and the area where we’re most likely to see the most developments and innovation in coming years. Casino operators are now making this part of their offerings the core of their business, and so you can expect to see more games being created with the mobile market very much at the forefront of their design, as well as more casinos shifting to the ‘mobile first’ or ‘omni channel’ approach that is becoming increasingly popular.